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Terms and Conditions

All work is undertaken subject to the following terms. (Excluding special conditions prior to agreement in writing)

Any reference to “the company” shall refer to MYTR Projects Ltd.

Quotations and orders

Any quotation value will only be held for 30 days or a period agreed in writing between MYTR Projects Ltd and the customer. All orders by the customer shall be deemed to be an offer by the customer to MYTR Projects Ltd and does not, and shall not bind the company unless and until the company gives its written acknowledgment of the order. Any order placed by the customer, verbal or written, may not be cancelled without prior written consent of MYTR Projects Ltd. The company shall be entitled to invoice the customer for all and any loss occasioned by a cancellation, including purchase of goods and other expenses. Any works not included in the quotation will be subject to additional costs.


All work will be subject to a minimum charge of 1 hour at the companies current rate, this includes diagnostics of boiler faults prior to repair. The exception to this is attendance to provide a quotation for planned works.

Any circumstances out of our control that delay MYTR Projects Ltd, or any additional works required, that fall outside of the original scope of works, will incur additional costs and be charged. This includes parts, labour, additional travelling costs , aborted calls and hotel accommodation .

Where other trades/contractors are involved in the works and these trades/contractors are not under our control any delays that may be caused to our progress by these trades may be subject to an extra charge and/or delay in completion.

Whilst all reasonable care will be taken during the execution of the works, no responsibility can be accepted for any faults or failures that may occur to existing pipework, fittings, equipment, etc. due to disturbance caused by the proposed works.


Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due upon completion of the works.

Payment can be made with cash, bank transfer or most major debit/credit cards.

All payments are subject to VAT at 20%.

Where payment terms are agreed, payment is due strictly within the specified terms of the individual invoice. We reserve the right to charge a daily fee for invoices over the specified payment terms, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Title of the goods does not pass to the customer until the goods have been paid for in full. In the event of non -payment for whatever reason the goods shall be returned to MYTR Projects Ltd with no liability for disruption sought against the company. A rental charge may be placed against the use of equipment for a time period and rate set at the companies’ discretion.

In the instance of ongoing “snagging” works, the invoice will be paid to a minimum value of 90% with all outstanding amounts due upon completion of snagging.

The company will not enter into any 12 month retention scheme without prior written consent from the company to the customer.

Supply of materials

Placing an order will be deemed to warrant an agreement on our proposal of materials supplied. Exceptions to this would be the supply of defective materials. In the event of defective materials being supplied to the company, and in turn to the customer, the company shall not be held liable for liabilities arising from this.

Any materials supplied by the customer found to be defective or unsuitable for the type of works being undertaken, will not be the responsibility of The Company, and as such any costs incurred (inclusive of wasted time, additional labour costs and time sourcing alternative materials) will be chargeable at our standard rate.

Any items or materials supplied by the customer or others for our fixing will be unpacked and inspected in the presence of the customer. Any faults found will be pointed out to the customer whose responsibility it will be to obtain replacement items. Any delays caused by faulty or damaged items may be chargeable, may result in us withdrawing from site and may affect the completion date of the works.

Limited Liabilities

The company shall only be liable for damage or injury caused by negligence while undertaking the work.

The company will not be responsible for any accidental damage to furniture, property or floor coverings caused when moving out of the work area. Responsibility for moving these items lies with the customer and as such if the company is required to do this, no liability will be assumed.


For this section, any company directly employing MYTR Projects as a sub-contractor shall be referred to as “the main contractor”

While undertaking work as a sub-contractor to the main contractor, the company shall accept no liability for any overrun in project value or timescales, including penalty clauses, incurred by the main contractor.

Any advice given to the main contractor, including assistance with quotations, estimates and valuations will be the sole responsibility of the main contractor to ensure they are correct and as such no liability will be accepted by MYTR Projects Ltd


All work is subject to a 12 month workmanship for labour only.

12 month workmanship warranty would be void if the work has been found to be worked on by anyone other then an employee of the company, or a situation created by others that would adversely affect the work completed.

All manufacturers warranties lie direct with the manufacturer, however the company will endeavour to make first contact where required. Any warranty issues with parts supplied by the customer will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Claims and disputes

Any claims for discrepancies or faults must be reported to the company in writing no later than 14 working days and subject to no interference by 3rd parties. This contract shall be governed by and constituted in accordance with English law and the parties hereby irrevocably submit to the non -exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Any disputes of invoices shall be raised within 7 days. Disputes raised after the period of payment terms shall still be subject to interest while under dispute.

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